Welcome to IQ Fitness BoxFit homepage.

Due to the current government lockdown, all classes are now online  so you can  enjoy our sessions in the comfort of your own home

We aim to bring you a fun and energetic kickboxing based fitness session in a friendly environment.  Kickboxing training is one of the best forms of all over body conditioning training, working mind and body.

IQF BoxFit is a non-contact workout using kickboxing techniques and bodyweight exercises.  No two consecutive classes are the same, each class is designed to get your heart pumping, increase your strength, improve your reactions and most importantly, burn huge amounts of calories leaving your fitter, stronger, leaner and toned, taking you a long way towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

Classes are suitable for everyone of all fitness levels (as you work at your own pace) and will leave you energised, ready to face whatever life has to throw at you.

With adults and childrens classes in Enfield  and Finchley there should be one near you to try a free session