Hi , my name is Nickie and I trained with Ismael at my workplace.  In February 2014, we began kickboxing on Mondays and weight-training on Thursdays.  At that time, I weighed in at over 18st 10lb. By April 2015, I’d lost 73lbs  and weighed in at 13st 7lb with no loose skin to worry about.  Although I have another 28lbs I want to lose, this is a very proud moment for me as it’s the lightest I’ve been  in 8 years and I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ismael for his support and encouragement. I know I’m hard work sometimes as I don’t believe in myself but I’m getting there and couldn’t have done it without you so thank you very much. Nickie P 

Ismael is a hard task master but he gets results. He gets me doing things that I never thought I could do. The sessions are hard but he errs on the right side of motivating his clients and not discouraging them. Although I am always nervous before his sessions I come away feeling revitalised and reinvigorated with the knowledge that I am working on toning and shaping my body and each session is a step towards improving my fitness and redefining my shape. Tosin F

If you want someone that genuinely cares about your wellbeing, then this is trainer for you. Professional, funny & sincere. He’ll get you there. Mobila B


Ismael was recommended by other customers at my gym and, following a free trial session, a friend and I have jointly been working with him twice weekly for the last two months. The sessions are varied and a great mixture of cardio and weight work to really give us the best possible overall workout . I’m feeling fitter, more flexible and beginning to also see the results in body shape. Ismael expects us to work hard and challenge ourselves during the sessions but ensures we are motivated and able to achieve the routines set. The session is well structured with a mixture of exercises and equipment being used and I can see the improvements in my own fitness since I started. Doing the session with a friend also means we can still work independently and have exercises varied to best suit each one of us but we can use the ideas and advice given during other gym sessions and help each other. Ismael is very motivational and I am enjoying the sessions, even if they are very hard work! Jennifer O

I joined Ismael’s box fit classes more than one year ago. Since that time I got fitter, learnt useful techniques and exercises, but foremost I feel much healthier! Ismael is gently pushing you to go outside of your physical/psychological comfort zone so you can improve your skills and overall fitness. Highly recommended! Aga D

Ismael is a very good at what he does. He gets the results you want. I can already feel and see a massive improvement in my fitness. His sessions are exactly what I need, he pushes me and I even surprise myself to what I can do in the session. Highly recommended, if you want results fast then he is the man.  Zeeshan H

FANTASTIC!!! I’ve been going to Ismael’s kickboxing class for six months and the results are amazing! I am surprised how fit I have become in such a short space of time. It is the most fun I’ve ever had exercising. The workouts are tough, suitable for all ages, even a 50 plus year old like me. Ismael, my instructor, works you at your own pace to achieve your personal best. He is enthusiastic and energetic which rubs off on his clients, making you feel energised after every class. Ismael is laid back, but passionate about his job and takes great pride and pleasure watching us achieve our fitness potential. Personally, I am a lot fitter, slimmer and mentally strong from attending his classes. It is a great way to keep fit and health while having fun at the same time. Thank you Ismael for all your hard work. Bridget B

I am relatively new to kickboxing and didn’t think I may enjoy it so much! The classes are well structured and not only I learn how to protect myself but also ALL my body is working and getting better shape. If you are not sure about kickboxing, try it and you may love it as much as I do. And why would I recommend Ismael?  Because he knows what he is doing and he will push you to work harder and get better results. Go for it! Beata S

November 2015 and I was struggling with weight/loss of energy and generally feeling unfit. I had just moved to Finchley, busy job, three teenagers and seemed to be always eating.  Eight PT sessions later and I have lost 1.5 inches on my waist and importantly regained my energy Ismael has pushed me really hard but I needed it! It’s a long journey that I’ve started but I can see immediate results and I know if I stick with his programme, transformation is on the way.                                                                                                                          Not only does he make me work hard, I now think more about what I eat! (plus cut down on the wine!!) Thank you Ismael and yours is one of the best programmes I’ve joined.  The extra energy is very welcome and every so often I get one of the family to come to the class. The PT session and the classes are a great combination…I felt too old and overweight but the programme is carefully tailored to suit all ages and levels of fitness…and there is no turning back.   Carmel M 

I worked with Ismael in Watford, he introduced me to his kickboxing class in Wembley. I enjoyed doing this class as Ismael was a great instructor who had a lot of patience with me, he was always helpful and always encouraged me to do more. I enjoyed losing weight and toning in his kickboxing class. I would recommend Ismael as he is a good instructor and gets to know you so that he can work with you to achieve the results that you want. Reshma S

I have recently enrolled with Ismael and it has proven to be a great decision. The sessions on Monday sets me up for the week. It’s not easy and he makes me dig deep within what I’m capable of and more. I have  never been able to achieve these levels of fitness by myself and have to thank Ismael for not only being an excellent trainer but pushing me to get the best of myself. Sumith S

 Ismael, I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me. I’m not a Gym person, I hate the monotony of going to a gym, even the thought of it sends me into a flat spin. Your classes keep me entertained, and really work muscle groups that I had no knowledge that existed. Your classes & workouts vary from week to week, so they are perfect for me as they keep me on my toes & ensure I have a complete workout every time. After every class I always feel wrecked, but that can only be a good thing.

  • To anyone even remotely thinking about going to one of Ismael’s classes my advise, just get up & go! It maybe hard, it may hurt, but it is all worth it. In over a month & half I have noticed a change in my body, I’m fitter, stronger & I’ve learnt some very useful techniques. Neil B-R